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Why reinvent the wheel when you can access an online portal to launch your music right every time?

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Access an online portal
to launch your music right every time

Wide Sky Records was founded with the vision of providing a Canadian home that supports independent artists. We are an artist-founded company with a family-focused environment where it is safe to explore your musical personality


We have decades of combined experience releasing, promoting, and touring and know what works for artists, and can show you what pitfalls can be avoided.

Educational portal

Wide Sky Records provides full on social media promotional services as well as self directed learning systems to support artists of every level of experience. Our online educational portal provides the systems and processes needed to achieve ongoing success in the music industry.


We work with each artist to develop their career and provide guidance every step of the way. Factor grants are accepted for Widesky portal as well as our one-on-one services.


About our lovely
team & work culture

Good music needs a focused message, great vibe and exciting melodies. Whether you write your own music or want to release prewritten music, our services ensure that you that your music will have the best chance of succeeding.


Learn insider secrets from industry professionals on how to develop your music marketing skills and engage with other musicians to inspire your growth as you gain confidence and experience with your career and earn a sustainable living

OUR TOP TALENT - Cathrine Levan

Brand designer, marketing expert 


“You can do it” attitude helps musicians face the challenges of being in the music industry, with clarity and enthusiasm. Her family has been in the music industry for decades and her own music has charted in Contemporary Jazz. She develops online learning platforms and course materials for various educational organizations and helps other artists grow their careers and followers.


KickStart Communications received the SBoT New Entrepreneur Award and the SDIS Cultural Diversity Award as well as an design award from the Governor General of Canada.

Our guest experts are here to help as well and depending on your need, we have a variety of internationally known industry specialists for each stage of your project.


Social Media for Musicians

Tired of having to keep up with your social posts, Facebook ads and Spotify followers?


Having us manage your social media will give you the polished, professional image that you dream of and let you focus on what you love…making amazing music. Do what you do best and let us do the rest.

Free up your time to do what you love

Get more likes, follows, sales and impressions

No more spending hours trying to figure out how SM

Enhance your reputation with consistent posting

We look forward to helping you with:

Ongoing Social Media posts

Creating short videos for your posts

Designing & posting your ads

Launching your singles or albums

Designing your cd covers

Crafting your linked one pagers

Building & expanding your audience


Social Media
Training for Musicians

Learn the ins and outs of social media for musicians, whether this is your first album or you are a seasoned musician.


Move through the program on your own or reach out to us for help at any step.
Get industry specific, insider secrets to help your music get noticed, known and remembered.


Songwriting and Co-writing

Award-winning writers will create a custom song for you. Whether you are stumped for ideas for your own album or want a song custom-written for a loved one, we will co-write with you or create an amazing vibe with a tune that will bring a smile to your face.


Expert writers bring your song ideas to life.

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